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9 Dec 2013

Swaddle a Baby Properly

- There are special swaddling blankets available in the market which also cater for the support of baby’s head; they have a hood at the upper end. The same procedure can be done with a plain cloth. -
9 Dec 2013

Strip & Wax Your Floors

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18 Nov 2013

Seal an Asphalt driveway

-Your home may have an area where a hard surface like a concrete driveway runs up against the foundation. The crack between these surfaces is a natural place for rainwater to enter your home and caused water
18 Nov 2013

Paint Exterior Surfaces

-Be sure to first prime all surfaces to be painted and allow ample drying time before applying the finish coat. These times can vary, depending on the type and brand of primer. Follow the directions on the
18 Nov 2013

Check A Car Battery

-Removing a battery cable might knock out your radio station Presets, the dashboard clock and other functions. A battery memory keeper, available at auto parts store, will prevent this. -Image courtesy:
18 Nov 2013

Change the Front Rotors and Pads on a Volvo V70

-Your model may have springs on the calipers that need to be removed using the flat screw driver. Us the flat head screw driver to help you put the spring back on. Make sure to put
18 Nov 2013

Figure Out How and What Your Total Monthly Expenses Are

-You should add other items like monthly subscriptions to magazines and habits like smoking at the end. -There are all kinds of things to track but the point is to track them. This is the best way
13 Nov 2013

Prepare Surfaces for Paint

-Most detailed surfaces require a lot of time and elbow grease the prep, so make sure you keep that in mind before starting one of these projects. -Image courtesy: