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20 Nov 2013

Use Chopsticks

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12 Nov 2013

properly give a tip

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2 Oct 2013

Tips to Open a Bottle of Champagne or Other Cork Closed Sparkling Wine

- Never apply excessive force. - Remove the file wrap on top of the bottle before pulling the cork out. - Image courtesy:
1 Oct 2013

Make a Decoupage Serving Tray

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28 Sep 2013

Make Rosemary Mashed Potatoes

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27 Sep 2013

Add Flavor to Your Water Naturally

- Go for natural fruit and vegetable juices as an option, but that can significantly take a toll on your pocket. - Always use a stainless steel container for water. - Image courtesy:
27 Sep 2013

Make Bread And Butter Pickles

- Start with fresh cucumbers. - In case you want to store the pickles outside the refrigerator, use the following ingredients utensils for canning; 5 pint-sized canning jars, clean, unused lids, metal screw bands for the lids, 1 16-qt
27 Sep 2013

Make Easy Nachos

- Corn-flour is a little difficult to manage as compared to flour, so patience is the key. Ultimately you will get a nice dough consistency. - Unlike a flour dough, corn-flour dough can split easily. The key is